AstraZeneca to build renewable energy plant in 2023

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AstraZeneca’s UK site in Cambridge will be powered by a new renewable energy plant generating biomethane following a new partnership with clean energy company Future Biogas.

AstraZeneca’s Ambition Zero Carbon commitment to be zero carbon by 2025 identifies that heat and power are critical to the manufacture of medicines and therefore decarbonising the healthcare supply chain depends on access to clean sources of heat. The Future Biogas initiative will provide additional renewable gas to the UK gas grid as the pharma giant transitions to 100 per cent renewable energy for heat and power across its operations by the end of 2025 and carbon negative by 2030.

Under the agreement, Future Biogas will build a new biomethane plant in East Anglia, adding renewable energy capacity to existing UK infrastructure. The plant will have the capacity to provide up to 125 Gigawatt hours of biomethane, equivalent to the energy demand to heat more than 9,000 homes. Construction will begin in 2023.

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