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It’s easy to design a logo that looks good, but the businesses that delve deeper to uncover brand insights are often much more successful. Here are some things to consider when creating a brand.

There are many that think that building a brand is as simple as designing a logo, but it takes more than that to create a brand that makes a lasting impression. Consider any of the powerful brands of the world: Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike – they all have one thing in common. Their brand identity has been solidly defined.


Kayleigh Didcott of Method Creative

Strong brands have specific values, personality, a vision for the future and know who they are speaking to… But what it ultimately comes down to is the knowledge of why they do what they do. At the heart of every business, there has to be a reason for existence, and when this reason shines through, both through actions and in the visual identity of the brand, then the brand is stronger for it.

When building a brand, first consider what the core of your business is. This is the essence that will motivate and inspire your employees by reminding them why they do what they do. Once this has been clearly defined, the next steps are to consider what the brand should look like. Consider its values and personality – if it were a person, what would it look like? How would it speak and dress? Where would it spend time and what would its interests be?

Once you know the answers to these questions, it is much easier to create a visual identity that resonates and communicates that the brand stands for something. If you delve deep enough, this process will uncover differentiation that will help your business to stand out, make impressions and gain brand loyalty.

The CPCA Growth Hub team would like to thank Kayleigh Didcott and the rest of the Method Creative team for sharing some of their expert tips on branding. If you’re looking for some marketing and design tips or looking for an agency to help market your business, check out their website and the rest of their work here.



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