Are you an Eco-Engineering Entrepreneur?

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There is a great need for engineering entrepreneurship to address the many challenges currently facing the economy, society and environment. To support this quest for innovation, much help, advice and support is provided by local, regional and national government.

Another powerful driver for entrepreneurs, however, is peer pressure: seeing how others are successfully addressing the financial, organisational and motivational challenges of making money from new engineering ideas and realising “I can do that too”.

This meeting will be an opportunity for current or budding engineering entrepreneurs to share (confidentiality permitting) their plans, experiences, challenges, hopes and fears. The organisation also hopes to include a short talk from a Peterborough engineer who is successfully commercialising a carbon-reducing engineering product in the agricultural sector.

If you would like to make the most of this opportunity and join the meeting, please confirm your attendance by emailing Ian Hartwell at

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