Branding & Sustainability

Join us as we welcome our experienced Growth Coach Philip Stott, to discuss branding and sustainability. Having supported over 700 SME businesses to become educated and accredited in sustainability, this session will give you a chance to learn and explore your questions directly with the expert!

Growth Accelerator Workshop for female entrepreneurs (Level 1)

Through interactive discussions and shared experiences with other female entrepreneurs, this workshop will guide you through different growth models and strategies and help you assess new opportunities to pivot your business so you can gain critical competitive advantage.

Growth Accelerator Workshop (Level 2)

Our workshop course will explore different growth models and strategies, how to assess new opportunities to pivot your business, and show you how to gain competitive advantage. You’ll learn how to segment and target prospects more effectively, improve your sales pipeline and conversion rates, as well as how to reduce the costs of acquiring new sales revenues.

Angels & Dragons – all you need to know about raising equity

Raising equity is very different from raising other types of finance, but it can really accelerate the growth of your business. If an external investor is getting an attractive deal, and you get to scale your business and benefit from their expertise to move to a really profitable exit, it’s a win-win scenario.