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We have supported several charities this year, including running a successful wine tasting evening to raise funds for St Nicholas Hospice. For December, we have launched our Christmas appeal in aid of Jimmy’s Night Shelter and Wintercomfort. We believe supporting charities is great for business and thought we’d share our top five reasons why you should too.

Our top five reasons came out as:

1: Charity gives you the feel good factor.
It feels good for the soul to raise money or other donations for a deserving cause. We all want that warm glow from knowing we have done a Good Deed. In dark times, a bit of kindness goes a long way.

2: Charity events create team building opportunities.
Maybe you have never spoken to Karen from accounts before, but being on the sponsored walk together has broken the ice. Taking part in charitable events outside of work tasks can forge new relationships and help old team members to bond over a worthy common purpose. It can also open up communication between senior management and other employees.

3: Charity work offers networking opportunities with other businesses.
Meeting up with a powerful network of like-minded business people from other companies to help work for a joint cause will undoubtedly bring networking benefits. This is a way to reach out and connect with other businesses and sectors of the community on a different platform.

4: It helps define your corporate identity.
Supporting a charity shows that your business is trustworthy and ethical. This can be an important tool when recruiting new employees who want to know they are moving to a great company with honest values.

5: Supporting a charity can provide great PR.
Taking part in charity fundraising will provide your business opportunities to be seen in the media and will show you in a good light. Detailing your charitable efforts on your website will reinforce to customers, clients and other businesses that you are a reputable organisation.

Most of all, everyone brings their passion and best work to a worthwhile project. Choose a charity you believe in, not just one that seems like the obvious choice in your sector – this way your enthusiasm for the cause will inspire others too.

The CPCA Growth Hub team thanks the team at Spirus Marketing for their tips and contributions to this blog.

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