ISSUE NUMBER 25: Free Webinars and examples of businesses opening safely

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Tell us about the impact on your business

Covid-19: support for businesses – updated 1 June 2020

Check if you can claim a grant through the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

The self-employment income support scheme has now been extended. A second and final grant will be available when the scheme opens again in August 2020. If you’re eligible and want to claim the first grant you must  claim on or before 12 July 2020. Find out more here.

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is changing

Guidance has been updated with information about how the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is changing. Updates include information about how the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is changing, what pension trustees may do whilst on furlough and the eligibility TUPE.

From 1 July, employers can bring back to work employees that have previously been furloughed for any amount of time and any shift pattern, while still being able to claim CJRS grant for their normal hours not worked. When claiming the CJRS grant for furloughed hours; employers will need to report and claim for a minimum period of a week.

The scheme will close to new entrants from 30 June 2020. From this point onwards, employers will only be able to furlough employees that they have furloughed for a full 3-week period prior to 30 June.

This means that the final date by which an employer can furlough an employee for the first time will be 10 June 2020, in order for the current three week furlough period to be completed by 30 June. Employers will have until 31 July to make any claims in respect of the period to 30 June.

Further guidance on flexible furloughing and how employers should calculate claims will be published on 12 June 2020.  Find out more information how the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is changing. 

Information for farmers, landowners and rural businesses

The latest information for farmers, landowners and rural businesses has been updated with information on farm visits and inspections station week commencing 1 June.

Temporary relaxation of the enforcement of the driver’s hours rules: all sectors carriage of goods by road

The EU drivers’ hours relaxation ended on 31 May 2020. The GB drivers’ hours relaxation applies until Saturday 14 June 2020. Anyone driving the GB drivers’ hours rules and undertaking carriage if goods by road can use the relaxation where necessary. The relaxations are not limited to specific sectors or journeys. Find out more here.

Check out the free B EIS working safely webinars for business:

This week’s webinars are available as follows:

  • Tuesday 2nd June: 11am: Offices & contract centres
  • Tuesday 2nd June: 3pm: Other people’s homes

Check out these examples of business safely

Business Support Helpline FREEPHONE 0800 998 1098

Free ACAS Webinar ‘Coronavirus – an advisory webinar for employers’. Find out more

Read here for the latest public information and public health advice about COVID-19


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