Local business wins HDC Sustainable Communities Pledge Award

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Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) awarded Winter and Company with a Platinum Award, which is the highest award within the sustainable communities business pledge

Stukeley Meadows-based Winter and Company, who provide cover materials for premium and luxury packaging as well as books and displays, have continued to demonstrate their commitment to reducing litter and waste. They have increased sustainable practices amongst their staff by providing all of their employees with vehicle waste bags to dispose of litter whilst in their car as well as arranging regular litter picks at the industrial estate.

In 2020, HDC launched the Sustainable Communities Business Pledge award as a trial encouraging businesses located at the industrial estate to take action to become more sustainable. The district council is now looking to develop and grow the scheme by opening it up to all businesses in the district and increasing the scope of the pledge.

The project is being used to create a cleaner, safer and more welcoming environment through business areas within the district. Due to the nature of the scheme, there are likely to be positive, wider community impacts. These could include increased levels of happiness and wellbeing from improved greener local environments, increased education and environmental awareness amongst employees and customers and greater feeling of ownership and responsibility of the surrounding areas leading to overall positive behavioural change.

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