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Around 2.5 million UK workers will receive a pay rise as the National Minimum and Living Wages increased on Friday 1 April in line with the recommendations from the independent Low Pay Commission

Workers aged 21-22 will receive a rise of almost 10% on the National Minimum Wage, while those aged 23 and over receiving the National Living Wage will get a raise of 6.6% to £9.50

The uplifts apply immediately, and businesses are being advised to take simple steps to ensure they are meeting their legal responsibilities and to avoid falling foul of the law:

  • Find out which staff are eligible for the new rate;
  • Update the company payroll, and
  • Communicate the changes to staff as soon as possible.

BEIS will be launching a marketing campaign encouraging employees to check they are being paid properly on the Check Your Pay site, which also offers advice on what to do if they are being underpaid.

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