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New project to support SME manufacturers to adopt, integrate, and optimise Industry 4.0 technologies

Advanced Capacities for Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 (ACMI4.0) is a £1.2 million European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project which is helping manufacturing SMEs adopt and integrate Industry 4.0 technologies and design principles more effectively with 12 hours of free, expert consultancy and a capital grant fund.

This programme is being delivered by the Smart Manufacturing Alliance in partnership with Opportunity Peterborough and is free to access for any SME manufacturer in England.

Manufacturers can take advantage of:

  • a £300,000 grant fund to support the purchase of new equipment
  • 12 hours of free consultancy for each participating business to assess their readiness for Industry 4.0, prioritise the technologies that will have the biggest impact on performance, and prepare the business for integration and optimisation.

Read the brochure here.


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