The Big Gamification Challenge 2018 – Get creative to achieve affordable innovation

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Gamification REACTOR

A ‘Gamification’ Approach:

One powerful approach to ‘Gamification’ is to consider the wider community around your business. It involves leveraging the emergence of work around ‘Smart Cities’ in your area, where your business could have the potential to make a city more liveable, connected, resilient and better able to respond to social challenges through the implementation of technology that positively shapes the local community.

To unpack this further and get you thinking about how this really applies to your business, consider the following:

1. How could your business create better experiences, better access, greater immersion or greater interaction for customers in your local community by ‘gamifying’ some area of your existing products or services?

2. Could this activity contribute towards the future of ‘Smart Cities’ in your local area?

3. How better can you connect with your current and potential customers in the local cities by enhancing their wellbeing, mobility and overall quality of life through Gamification (for more on Gamification click through here)?

4. What enhancements could be made to your products or services to offer better experiences for the residents, tourists, shoppers, students and business communities in your local city?

5. What potential does your business have to actively engage on a citywide scale to improve lifestyles, connected communities and motivate actions?

6. How can these lifestyle improvements help your business harness greater economic opportunity in your local area?

By considering these questions you can start to envisage the opportunities available to your business with some innovative and connective thinking. It’s about re-evaluating your business processes and working out how to economically make them better and more valuable for your customers.

What help is available to support my ideas?

Perhaps you can already see the potential your business can bring to a Smart City concept, but don’t know how or where to start to develop that idea into a reality.

Well, that’s something REACTOR’s ‘Big Gamification Challenge 2018’ is hoping to give eligible businesses across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough a helping hand with.

The Challenge is an annual initiative led by the REACTOR Programme  designed to help businesses think more proactively about how games, or elements from games, can encourage people to focus on solving a problem in a particular sector, or on enhancing and improving experience, by harnessing the power of applied games.

If you are a small start-up business with a vision for enabling smart cities or improving the lifestyles of your customers through your products and services, take part in this pioneering challenge for the chance to develop your ideas with the help of a community of experts, innovators, enablers and mentors, as well as access to cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities to sharpen your game.

Submit your application before noon on 23rd February, 2018: 

We live in a society driven by a desire for constant engagement, advanced interactions and immediate feedback in pretty much all areas of our lives, thanks to the advancements and connectivity of the technology that exists all around us.

This technology is changing the expectations we have of the places we live. If your business is going to respond to these changing cultural demands successfully, you must learn what motivates your key audiences, and how the application of technology like ‘Gamification’ can respond to this.

In essence, it’s all about understanding how the concept of reward and motivation that sits behind the success of the video games industry can be applied to any one of the many elements of your business, to resonate with your customers and get them to interact positively with your brand.

The next ‘Big Gamification Challenge 2018’ event will take place in Peterborough on 7th March, register now:

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