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Providing training for staff. Although training can be costly upfront, the return on investing in relevant and good-quality training will be reflected in improved quality and efficiency. Your team will also have a broader range of professional skills, which can benefit your customers by being able to offer a wider range of products or services.

Upgrading your I.T. equipment or software. Slow-running hardware and out-of-date software can result in consistent time wasting and ‘stress out’ your staff (and you!). It’s important for businesses to have reliable computer and phone services. If cost is what’s holding you back from making these improvements, find out whether there might be a grant or funding option to help you.

Improving the quality of your internet service. Fast and reliable internet access is essential in today’s business market. If you’re consistently experiencing slow or inconsistent internet or wifi service, it’s worth contacting your provider/other providers to see if any improvements can be made.

Cultivating a happy and engaged team. Overall, an engaged and motivated team is one of the largest contributing factors to improved productivity and consistent output. In addition to maintaining a level of business transparency and openness with your employees, simple activities such as team socials can be great ways to maintain the good running of your business. Your people are one of your organisation’s most valuable assets (that includes you too), so don’t forget to ‘look after’ them, as well as focussing on the bottom line.

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