Could your business donate a laptop as part of the Homes for Ukraine programme?

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South Cambridgeshire District Council is working with Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign (CRRC) to supply laptops to Ukrainian guests who have arrived in the area as part of the Homes for Ukraine programme

Businesses are being asked to support this scheme by donating laptops for re-use by those in need. Any devices are acceptable for donation.

CRRC works with Laptops4Learning (L4L) to deliver laptops locally. L4L’s TechAidUK solution brings together businesses and charities/organisations to enable sustainable and social good. They take donations of much-needed devices from businesses and repair and refurbish them, making them plug-and-play ready, complete with chargers and software, ready for CRRC to distribute to Ukrainian families.

Having tech refurbished for reuse enables businesses to reach their sustainability goals at this time of climate emergency, saving CO2 emissions, e-waste and the extraction of scarce natural resources.

After you arrange to make a donation L4L send their Tech Couriers to collect your devices at a pre-arranged time and date. They then take them to their repair centre in Stevenage where they are refurbished and all data securely erased to HMG InfoSec Standard 5 Enhanced. A certificate of erasure is issued for each device and provided by serial number to the company donating.

Full audits are provided detailing the devices collected, along with feedback on who received the donations and data for CSR, which can be used in corporate newsletters and social media. Sustainability figures on waste are also provided.

If your business would like to help by donating laptops or if you have questions and would like more information on the scheme please contact or

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